Your Much Needed Travel Planning Resources

Traveling and blogging can be overwhelming. To make matters easier, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite and valuable products which I know you’ll find useful. Save up time, and start reading below:

Disclaimer: Some of these are affiliate links of products I love enough to recommend to you. They won’t charge you extra, but I can get a small compensation out of it to fund this blog. Thanks in advance!


Airbnb has completely changed the way my family and I travel. It’s a more affordable option (than the usual hotels) that gives you an authentic and local experience to your every trip. You won’t have a hard time daydreaming with all of its 3,000,000+ listings. Sign-up here and get PhP 1,100 off on your first booking! is one of the world’s largest booking portal sites. Offering the most versatile options, you can find hotel listings from anywhere in the world. Plus, I love their ‘pay cash on arrival’ and cancellation features too.

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One of the world’s leading web host provider, you can start your own website with Bluehost for as low as just US$ 3.95/month, free domain, free site builders, and a dedicated 24/7 support team (that you can live chat!).


Station 7 offers professional-looking WordPress themes that have a clean and chic design feel. I love the fact that they have demo pages, a tutorial on your specific purchased theme, and not to mention a great tech support team too. They also offer graphic resource bundles to use for your blog just in case your creative juices run out.

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