South Korea: Trickeye Museum, Every Nation, Namsan Tower

Sunday fell on the fourth day of our trip. And it was the perfect opportunity for us to visit the Every Nation church center in the country. The service was not until 1:00 pm, so we had enough time to squeeze in a tourist activity in the morning.

Trickeye Museum

You can tell that my dad is really not into walking.

First stop: the famous Trick-Eye Museum. The museum is an art gallery with 2D paintings that give you a 3D illusion. You can imagine yourself as a ballerina, “climb” up a bamboo tree with a baby panda, or lose your pants while striking a Betty Boop-esque pose. With all the different illusions, it’s a great activity to enjoy as a family. Plus, you’ll never know the silliness it can bring out to a person once you actually try it out.

The family-friendly exhibit is located in Hongdae area, with additional exhibits such as the Ice Museum and a Love Museum for the adults. (Updated as of 2017) Ticket price for both the Trick-Eye and Ice Museum costs at KRW 18,000.

Access to Trick-Eye Museum: Arrive at Hongik Station, and follow the map below.

Let your imagination run wild!

AdvenShar Tip: If you’re planning to use an SLR, I suggest to stick with your mobile phone camera to maximize the experience instead. Having to carry that bulky camera (with manual settings) will take you forever just to finish one illusion.

Every Nation South Korea

I couldn’t leave South Korea (or any country for that matter) without visiting an Every Nation church. Why? It always amazes me and leaves me in awe of how other people worship in different languages to the same God. Not only do you get to feel refreshed, but it’s also great knowing that you have an extended spiritual family who will always welcome you no matter where you are in this world.

Every Nation South Korea holds its Korean-English service at 1:00 pm in a cozy chapel that could fit about 200 people. A lot of nationalities were present, and I would say a huge chunk could be attributed to the Filipinos. To get to the church location, we took the Bus 602 (towards City Hall) from Hongik Station and arrived at Chungjeongno Station. After mapping, we finally found it!

Access: From Hongik Station, take train or Bus 602 (towards City Hall) and arrive at Chungjeongno Station.


I say that this visit was a huge blessing in disguise because of the significant help they gave towards our itinerary that day. Prior to the service, I had already planned to visit Namsan Tower by stopping at a certain train station and walking our way towards the area. Unfortunately, that was a huge mistake! Google map makes it look close; however, in reality, the tower sits on a hill that is way too difficult for us to get to given my dad’s age as well. Thankfully, the people in church helped us reach Namsan Tower in the most convenient way possible: a bus that directly leads up there. Insane, right? Thank God for orchestrated events like this!

Namsan Tower

namsan tower

Namsan or N Seoul Tower is a tall tower that could be synonymous to the world’s most iconic landmarks such as the Big Ben or the Statue of Liberty. It sits on an uphill location where it is divided into 3 sections: the tower itself, the Seoul Tower Plaza, and the lower section with shops, restaurants, and other facilities. It’s definitely a must-see, especially if you watch a lot of K-drama where you’ll easily recognize and understand why a lot of people come here.

Access to Namsan Tower from Every Nation: Arrive at Chungmuro Station, and look for Green Bus 2 or 5 that leads directly up to the tower.

Other Access to Namsan Tower: During my research, one way to get to the Tower is by the Namsan Cable Car. Because of time and cost constraint, and reviews about the lengthy queue, we went for the bus instead.

Although we never got to go up the observatory because my parents were so tired, you can still purchase tickets to Namsan Tower here at one of Klook’s promo combos.

Namsan Tower view
That winter fog view

namsan tower

namsan tower

namsan tower


namsan tower
Love locks in Christmas trees.

namsan tower

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