12 Must-Visit Cafes & Restaurants in Bali For Anytime of the Day

At first, your goals when traveling to Bali are all about staying in that luxury villa, having your own private pool, surfing with the Aussies at Canggu or experiencing a healing journey up in Ubud – we thought so too! However, staying here means you’ll more likely to have a food cafe/restaurant-hopping holiday than you’ll ever have elsewhere. Because of the popular international scene, most establishments are founded by Aussies, Americans, and the Dutch, making food places Instagram-worthy and becoming tourist spots themselves.

So, don’t just pack your suitcases, and instead, arrive with empty stomachs and plenty of photo storage as I’m taking you to all of the places we ate when in Bali.

#1 Watercress

My first taste of Bali – Watercress Cafe. Hailed as one of the best cafes in the region, Watercress has been serving wholesome breakfasts to savory dinners for years! I absolutely loved the concept of an all-day breakfast with a rustic charm, inspired by the founders’ hometown in Byron Bay, Australia. Order their skilled buttermilk hotcake that’s topped with flower petals and you can say “good morning” to anyone at any time of the day.

Where: Kerobokan and Ubud

Open: 7:30am to 11:00pm everyday

Perfect for: Breakfasts

What We Got: Eggs Benedict, Skilled Buttermilk Hotcake, and B.L.A.S.T.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/watercressbali/

# 2 Kynd Community

This plant-based cafe in Seminyak is a vegan lovers’ dream! Not to mention one of the most popular Instgrammable cafes there is out there (their famous pink wall is no stranger to the social media platform). Their simple mission is to make healthy eating fun, exciting, and oh so delicious you wouldn’t even know they mixed veggies in it (Exhibit A: the avo sandwich above). Try to come in at their opening time by 6-7am if you want to get that “perfect shot.”

Where: Seminyak

Open: 6am-4pm every day

Perfect for: Breakfasts

What We Got: Dream Boat Waffles, Leo Toast, and Smoothie Bowls

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kyndcommunity/

# 3 Strawberry Fields

Apparently, this place looks heavily inspired by music judging by the large portrait of John Lennon outside and the piano chairs (Strawberry Fields Forever is a song by the Beatles, after all). A rustic vibe to add to your meals, I love the fact that this place turns into quite the hangout spot after sundown – we saw the billiards table set-up upon passing by.

Where: Kerobokan

Open: 24 hours, every day

Perfect for: Brunch, Dinner (turns into a cool hangout spot at night)

What We Got: Dragon Bowl Z, The Berry Big Brekkie, and The Breakfast Club Burger

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/strawberryfieldsbali/

# 4 SoulBytes

Another one bites the soul – SoulBytes is a school of life inspired café located in Seminyak that serves fresh ingredients and great tasting specialty coffee. Their mission is to treat humans as ends and not as means to generate revenue in this money making world. Sound good? And they taste good, too! Try out their coffee (of course) and other delectable baked items.

Where: Seminyak

Open: 8am-2pm, everyday

Perfect for: Breakfasts and Lunch

What We Got: Chocolate croissants!!

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/soulbytesbali/

# 5 Sisterfields

Melbourne comes to Bali (as they say). Sisterfields Restaurant has definitely got that Aussie vibe with a laidback atmosphere, brightly-colored menus, and a lot of socials going on throughout the day (so much is happening!). You can enjoy their all-day breakfasts and great tasting coffee made with top quality homemade ingredients. Yum!

Where: Seminyak

Open: 7am-10pm, every day

Perfect for: Breakfasts and Lunch

What We Got: Polenta Fries (a must!), Chili Scrambled Eggs, and Pancakes & Red Berries

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sisterfields/

# 6 Livingstone

Founded in 2013 with a vision to be one of Seminyak’s golden spots for communing over fresh baked bakeries and coffee, along with hearty breakfasts, this café is definitely not to miss. Though the overall look of its meals is not as special and unique as the others in this list, the delicious (and homey) taste makes up for it.

Where: Seminyak

Open: 7am-10pm, every day

Perfect for: Breakfasts and Lunch

What We Got: Ham Eggs Benedict, Classic Fluffy Pancakes, and Full English Breakfast

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/livingstonebakery/

# 7 Hog Wild with Chef Bruno

The Balinese sure love their pork! Hog Wild is one of those sassy restaurants in Kerobokan that serve mouthwatering smoky ribs. The atmosphere here is like any other BBQ restaurant: laidback open-terrace setting and large wooden tables meant to dine with friends (Note: We dined during the day so we opted for a lunch approach instead of their signature ribs).

Where: Kerobokan

Open: 11am-10:30pm, every day

Perfect for: Dinner

What We Got: Chicken Saté, Jumbo Beef Grilled Hotdog

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hogwildwithchefbruno/?hl=en

# 8 El Passo

El Passo wasn’t originally on our list of places to visit, but it was a surprising addition nonetheless. We were brought here by some of our colleagues, and I’m thankful they did! This little warung sits in front of rice paddies, so you get that relaxing view while you happily munch on your favorite Indonesian meals (I’ll let the photos speak for themselves).

Where: Tanah Lot

Open: 8am-11pm, every day

Perfect for: Breakfasts and Lunch

What We Got: Salads, Saté, and Grilled Tuna

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/el_passo_bali/

# 9 Milu by Nook

Another restaurant with great rice paddy views! There’s something about mixing nature and delicious food at a closer level that makes the whole experience enjoyable. And with affordable prices and healthy fusion of Asian and Western cuisine, Milu is one to watch when in Canggu. Try out their salads, smoothie bowls, Indonesian meals, and desserts like sticky rice mango!

Where: Canggu

Open: 8am-10pm, every day

Perfect for: Breakfasts and Lunch

What We Get: Saté, and Sticky Rice Mango

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/milubynook/

# 10 Biku

One of the first times we actually get to eat at an Indonesian restaurant, Biku did not disappoint! Aside from a great (and fast) staff, the place could pass as an Instagrammable spot because of the intricate interiors and colorful walls like above. And rightfully so because this place is actually a restaurant, tea lounge, homewares and bookstore in one built in a 150-year old teak joglo from East Java.

Where: Seminyak

Open: 8am-11pm, every day

Perfect for: Breakfasts and Lunch

What We Get: Nasi Goreng, Saté, and Curry

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bikubali/?hl=en

# 11 Naughty Nuri’s

If you’re looking to satisfy your Pork Ribs cravings aside from Hog Wild, Naughty Nuri’s is the place to be. A chillaxing vibe with your friends and a bit of special performance from time to time from the servers, your night could end up pretty well. If you love their place so much, you can even leave your mark! Ask one of their staff and pay a small fee to have your name carved on the walls.

Where: Seminyak and Ubud

Open: 11am-10pm, every day

Perfect for: Dinners

What We Got: Mixed Fries, Oriental Chicken Salad, and Signature BBQ Pork Spare Ribs

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/naughtynurisseminyak/

# 12 Barbacoa

Fancy dinners should at least happen once during any trip abroad, and Barbacoa was great choice indeed that matched our expectations. Established itself as one of Bali’s finest eateries, this low light casual diner specializes in BBQ/Charcoal grilled style dishes. Immediately upon entering, you’ll notice the suckling pig being roasted at the side, one of their best sellers. Personally, as someone living in the Philippines, it tasted like any other suckling pig you can find – though flavourful, yes. But, the real star of the night turned out to be their charcoal grilled octopus. I can’t say anything more except that I’m willing to fly back to Bali just to experience it all over again. You have to order it to believe it.

Where: Seminyak

Open: 12nn-11pm, every day

Perfect for: Fancy Dinners

What We Got: Spanish Potatoes, 8-Hour Wood Fired Suckling Pig, Charcoal Grilled Octopus (Love!)

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/barbacoabali/

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