South Korea: Everland Theme Park

The thrill-seeker in me craves for a visit to an amusement park in every country. Which is why visiting Everland in South Korea is no exception. Specifically, I make it a point to schedule theme parks on the last day of my trip so I can have something to look forward to after the endless walks in temples, shrines and other equally bucket list-worthy sceneries.

Everland is South Korea’s largest amusement park that is more thrilling and adult-friendly than Lotte World. Fortunately, in contrast to Universal Studios in Japan, my experience here dealt with lesser people that resulted to less queuing time. Don’t get me wrong, this is still one of the most popular parks in the country; however, aligning your visit on a weekday (especially during the winter) gives you plenty of advantage than world-famous parks like USJ or Disneyland.

You can check out updated ticket prices here. Tip: Be sure to check out their News & Coupons sections for any discounts you can grab.

Access: From Giheung Station, take the Yongin Ever Line, and arrive at Jeondae Everland Station (the last stop). For other modes of transportation, visit this page.

Hassle-free purchases: Klook Everland ticket + Shuttle Bus Package

Everland Entrance
The parentals at Everland’s Christmas set-up entrance

Everland is divided into 5 areas, namely: Global Fair, American Adventure, Magic Land, European Adventure, and to my surprise, Zootopia where you can see real-life wild animals up close.

If my mom was able to ride the hurricane, your mom can too!

If you’re already thinking how expensive food is in a theme park, you’ll probably be happy when I tell you that it’s not so much a difference here in Everland. You can head over to KFC for a familiar treat.

Double Rock Spin that lets you experience 4 continuous 360-degree rotations



The Skyway is the perfect senior citizen-friendly ‘ride there’ is.

Most rides here are for thrill-seekers, but if your parents are accompanying you, there are age-appropriate ones as well. Although the Skyway isn’t technically a ride, it’s still a fun way to transport from American Adventure to European Adventure without all that walking. And since the lines weren’t long, we rode it about 4 times because it was the only ride my dad’s heart could take.


One of the most popular and most recommended rides is the T-Express. It’s another thrilling roller coaster with the steepest fall in the world, and sadly, the ride wasn’t open during the winter season because of the slippery tracks caused by the snow.

Also, one of the few surprises Everland has to offer is this short but fun snow sledding slide apt for the winter weather. Each person gets a float that you immediately sit on and effortlessly be pulled uphill.


Like I said, one of the biggest surprises here is the Zootopia attraction where you can see white tigers, bears, and lions up close. For me, this makes Everland worth the money as you get to visit 2 “parks” in one.

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