How to Claim International Packages from the Philippine Postal Corporation

Recently, I ordered an international package from Australia. It was my first so I was clueless to think that the delivery would arrive straight to my door. But, it didn’t. You can imagine my panic on how to retrieve it. Apparently, when ordering items online internationally, the package goes through customs and you yourself (or an authorized representative) will have to pick it up at the local office. Scroll down to know more about my experience and how you can claim yours too:

The pick-ups will vary depending on the courier and location. I browsed through the net and saw some had EMS postal service, etc.

Online Tracking

I got this email from DHL eCommerce, the shipping method used by the store. In the email, they’ve given me a shipment ID and a tracking ID to know the status of my shipping; I paid extra for this but it was worth it considering the cluelessness I had (imagine if I hadn’t opted for it and all the more I would panic for having my package not delivered lol).

I visited the DHL eCommerce tracking site and input my shipment ID stated in the email. There, you can see the timeline, which gives you added assurance that it is in fact on its way! (Hooray for technology). Once the shipment arrived in the Philippines, I received another email with the status, “Delivery was attempted.” 

Notice Card

The local post office (nearest to your address) will then deliver a card and this serves as your notification that your item is ready for pick-up.

The stamp says that the address is in Ninoy Aquino Ave because my area is in Paranaque City.

To be sure, you can check out the different branch locations they have on the site, and input your tracking ID as well. Other alternatives to double check is calling the Phil Post hotline.

Claim and Pay

Bring your notice card, a valid ID and prepare to pay a small fee. Since it’s a government office, Phil Post is open from 8am to 5pm Mondays to Fridays only. I went as early as 8am because I had work and there were no lines! Got my package, paid P112 in less than 5 minutes 🙂

Hope this helps! Comment below if you have new experiences you’d like to share with claiming an international package.

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