Don’t Call It a Dream. Call It a Plan.

Hi, there! I’m Shar and I’m a Jesus-loving traveler, marketer, designer, photographer, and possibly everything in between. Like any other 20-something-year-old, I dream of traveling the world (with my parents!)…and actually turning that dream into reality. But it isn’t easy with all the challenges my family and I face every day.

And so, this blog will document my attempt (plus serve as a creative outlet) in achieving thatย impossibleย dream while getting my job together, binge-watching on the latest crime-drama series, daydreaming about Starbucks tumblers, dancing ballet, doing ministry, and sharing lives with my small groups.

Basically, documenting my candid joys and misadventures that will hopefully inspire you to do the same, and even more.

Follow my #AdvenShar journey, and let’s achieve the impossible. Together.

Published Works

Festivals in Asia: Celebrate the silence of Nyepi in Baliย (Luxuo, March 22, 2017)

Festivals Around the World: Your Guide to Songkranย (Sassy HK, April 3, 2017)